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Welcome to Guo Tai TCM Rehab & Wellness Official Website 欢迎来到国泰中医康复中心的官方网站
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Our TCM Services

All our Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments are unique and customise according to individual body's constituition

About Us


To promote Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Rehab & Wellness, and Traditional Chinese Medicine through modern technology, science and effectivity as well as to make Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) simple and closer to you.

To spread the Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness concept to families and individuals so as to improve the current generation’s chronic disease issues, and prevent diseases through a proactive approach to wellness treatments.



Our vision is to create a happier and healthier life for all people.

We envision for people no pharmaceutical drugs, no surgery and no injection to deal with their health issues through preventive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness treatments.

We aim to be South East Asia’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Rehabilitation & Wellness group.





At Guo Tai TCM Rehab & Wellness Centre, we are encouraged to cultivate love and care through daily routines, starting from spread the positive energy & spirit among ourselves and extending it to our families and society.



At Guo Tai TCM Rehab & Wellness Centre, we proactively care and provide excellent services to customers with enthusiasm, to continuously improve on our expertise, and share our knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness to people who are surrounding us.


Our Testimonial

  • Professional, Courteous and friendly staff! Staffs are warm and friendly from start till end of treatment. Doctors are professional in their job with decades of experience and able to pinpoint issues quickly. When Methods of treatment are suggested, staff take your current health into considerati..
    Loh Zhi Yan Alair
  • Amazed by the improvements from just 1 session. Relieved muscle strain from exercise and longtime backache. After effects, felt like my 2x jogging sessions. Sincere & professional service. Highly recommended. 高品质的全身治疗。强力推荐国泰!..
    Serene Li
  • 我的膝盖问题困挠了我很多年,西医都叫我换膝盖了,感恩医师的细心治疗,现在不用吃止痛药了,十分感谢!..
    Goh Soo Chua