95 Imperial Herbal Diaphoretic Therapy 九五裹药

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95 Imperial Herbal Diaphoretic Therapy ( First Trial)

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The 95 Imperial Herbal Diaphoretic Therapy operates on the principle of enhanced transdermal drug delivery reinforced by biomagnetic effects.  The herbal concoction, derived from seven major genres of tested Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions, is subject to proprietary heat treatment calculated to fully activate volatile esters in the bioactive herbal components before application.  The warm concoction is then spread evenly on Bian Stone energy table that retains and resonates very wide infra-red radiation spectrum.  The entire arrangement is installed within a specially designed biomagnetic physiotherapy cabin that maintains this optimal recuperating temperature with 360-degree composite energy efficiency.

The patient lies on his back in the physiotherapy cabin, human and medicine integrating in unity. Facilitated by thermotherapy effect of far-infrared cabin, the herbal concoction rapidly infiltrates the dermis and efficaciously absorbed through the back acupoints and meridians into the target tissues and organs as well as the entire meridian system, providing a pleasant and painless recuperating process.