Meridian & Acupoint Therapy + Herbal Mash Moxibustion

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Meridian & Acupoint Therapy + Herbal Mash Moxibustion ( First Trial)

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Based on the principle of magnetic resonance physics, external resonance frequency when produced in synch with mechanical resonant frequency of whole muscles emitted by the musculoskeletal system, relaxes tendons, ligaments, and fascia.  Synchronized resonance frequency facilitates vasodilation in smooth muscles, that likewise promote Qi flow and blood circulation. This scheme of cascading action is also a powerful aid for detoxifying the internal organs, improving immune system and health problems.

Notwithstanding, this therapy is painless and soothing.  Premium TCM ingredients and specially formulated essential oils used in this treatment is tailored to suit an individual's constitution for optimal results and effectiveness.